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We approach challenges from a cross-cutting perspective, questioning the status quo and discovering value

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We don’t settle for diagnoses or analyses

What drives us are tangible and impactful results.

We create transformative growth through the strategic use of technology and data. We believe in a model that promotes collaboration and the exchange of perspectives between the consultant and the client.

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Our Team

We are a multidisciplinary team with world class training and extensive experience that delves deep into the challenges and pains of our clients to discover, develop, and implement opportunities.

We are close-knit and agile because time is critical for the success of any transformation.

We are Brain Food.

David Albagli Partner

MBA, Harvard Business School

Bachelor's degree in Business and Administration, Universidad Católica

David founded Brain Food in 2015. He has over 12 years of experience, working in marketing at 3M and later in strategy consulting at MatrixConsulting in various industries (Mining, Retail, Utilities, among others.). While at Harvard, he completed a 3 month internship at Google in the USA. His focus is on the intersection between strategy, innovation and technology. David is also a board member at two technology startups and a mentor at Endeavor.

His hobbies are sports, movies, reading, concerts and traveling.

Andrés Oksenberg Partner

MBA, Kellogg School of Management

Bachelor's degree in Business and Administration, Universidad Católica

Andrés has more than 12 years of experience. He started in the Finance area of Ripley and then spent nine years in strategy consulting at Matrix Consulting. His focus was mainly in strategic planning projects in various industries (Retail, Real Estate, Transportation, FMCG, among others). During his MBA at Kellogg, he worked in charge of Business Intelligence at Bucketfeet, a high-growth e-commerce company in the USA. Andrés is also a professor at PUC MBA where he teaches the Customer Analytics course.

His hobbies are soccer, traveling, and spending time with his family and children.

Pablo Araya Head of Data Science

PhD in Astrophysics, University of Groningen, Netherlands

Bachelor's degree in Astronomy, Universidad Católica

Pablo has been immersed in the world of data for most of his professional development. Initially, while pursuing his academic career, he conducted and analyzed computational simulations, later applying that knowledge to the field of Data Science while working at a consulting firm in Belgium. Pablo believes that understanding data and how they relate to each other is the key to addressing and solving a wide range of problems.

Bernardo Monsalves Head of Data Engineering

Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering, Universidad Central

Full Stack developer, passionate about technology and the new challenges it brings. He has developed his entire career in the world of startups, working as a programmer and leading development teams.

Nicole Alter Head of Development and HR

Bachelor's degree in Business and Administration, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez

Nicole has worked for over 10 years in various Chilean startups, leading the commercial and HR areas. Today, she is convinced that what drives companies the most and truly makes them grow is the people who work in them. That's why in recent years, she has focused on the growth, development, and well-being of individuals within the company.

She is a mother of 3 children, and in her free time, she dedicates herself to them and her family. She enjoys engaging in sports, spending time with friends, and if possible, traveling.

Pilar Alcalde Senior Project Manager - Data Science

Ph.D. in Economics, University of Pennsylvania

MA in Economics, Universidad Católica

Pilar has specialized in advanced statistical methods applied to economics, primarily in the areas of labor economics and industrial organization. She has worked as an academic and researcher at the University of the Andes for over ten years. What she enjoys the most about transitioning from academia to consulting is being able to understand the specific challenges faced by each company and adapting general statistical and theoretical models to the particular problems and systems of each organization in order to generate maximum value.

Pilar says she can't stay still. Outside the office, she enjoys spending time with her family, engaging in activities, playing games, going on outings, doing crafts, reading, or learning to play a new musical instrument.

Alejandro Kellner Senior Project Manager - Digital Strategy

Master's in Information Systems and Digital Innovation, London School of Economics

Bachelor's degree in Business and Administration, Universidad Andrés Bello

Alejandro has over 8 years of experience supporting the largest organizations in the region in their digital transformations. He has led various projects focused on the development and implementation of comprehensive digital strategies.

In his free time, he enjoys reading, playing video games, and watching anime.

Joaquín Ruiz Senior Project Manager - Automation & BI

Industrial Civil Engineer,Universidad Católica

Joaquín is convinced that the business world is changing, and he believes that creative and rigorous analysis is the answer. As a Data Scientist and Project Manager at Brain Food, he leads the creation of solutions that impact the value generation for our clients, using mathematics and programming as central elements.

Joaquín enjoys his free time with friends, in nature, and practicing windsurfing.

Alexandre Biebuyck Senior Project Manager - Advanced Analytics

Bachelor's degree in Business and Administration, ICHEC Brussels Management School

Alexandre worked in process and risk consulting for multinational companies across various industries, with projects in Europe and the United States. In 2015, he took on the challenge of relocating to Chile, where he continued his career in consulting, developing his interest in the world of data and its applications in businesses. He is interested in understanding the challenges faced by organizations and working towards providing solutions to them.

Alexandre is always planning his next trip, and in his free time, he loves engaging in sports, spending time with friends, or reading a good book.

José Manuel González Project Manager

Industrial Civil Engineer, Universidad Católica

Jose has been working at Brain Food for about 4 years and has been involved in projects related to Data Science and Machine Learning, reporting and BI, cloud solution design and implementation, among others. Lately, as a project manager, he has been leading multidisciplinary teams and developing solutions for our clients.

When he's not working, Jose claims (we don't quite believe him) that he plays paddle tennis and tennis, and spends his day studying chess.

Camilo Quiroz Project Manager

Industrial Civil Engineer, Universidad Católica de Valparaíso

Camilo is passionate about accompanying companies on the path towards digital transformation, enabling them to achieve comprehensive improvements in their products/services and increase the positive impact on their employees and clients. With this goal in mind, he has worked on a combination of technical and strategic projects, serving as a bridge between technology and business, in industries such as retail, healthcare, logistics, education, and construction, among others.

In his free time, he enjoys playing paddle tennis and soccer, spending time with his family, and hanging out with friends.

Camila Aguirre Senior Data Scientist

Civil Industrial Engineer, Universidad de Chile

Cami has been working in data science for over 3 years, participating in multiple projects involving data processing, statistical model development, machine learning, and data visualization. She constantly seeks innovative solutions through analytics to enhance business performance and efficiency.

Outside of work, she enjoys doing macrame and, above all, travelling and discovering new destinations. She loves exploring Chile and is taking advantage of remote work to get to know the country's southern region.

José Cousiño

Civil Industrial Engineer, Universidad Católica

Jos has 5 years of experience in digital transformation consulting. His expertise focuses on data science, automation, reporting, and driving transformation in companies across different sectors. Throughout his career, he has led various digital transformation projects that have enabled companies to optimize processes, increase efficiency, and enhance decision-making.

Jos seeks new ways to innovate and tackle the challenges presented by the current business world and the ongoing AI revolution.

In his free time, Jos enjoys cinema, nature, and playing tennis. He is also passionate about music and storytelling, which leads him to explore different genres and compositions.

Karen González

Master's degree in Electrical Engineering, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María

Electrical Civil Engineer, Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María

Karen has 4 years of experience in data analysis and has worked on various Data Science and Business Intelligence reporting projects.

Additionally, she actively collaborates in the Omdena community, which builds advanced AI solutions that have a high impact on real and social problems in many countries.

In her free time, Karen enjoys watching series, doing crafts, and recently started practicing functional training.

Nissim Ergas Senior Data Engineer

Civil Engineer, Universidad Católica

During his university career, he worked as a teaching assistant for different courses, demonstrating his passion for learning and teaching. With a strong passion for data analysis and programming, he has worked as a Data Scientist for three years, contributing to projects in multiple industries and applying his skills in problem-solving and data-driven decision-making.

Currently, Nissim works as a Data Scientist and also serves as a part-time professor at the University of Los Andes, where he shares his knowledge and skills with students.

In his free time, Nissim enjoys playing tennis and cycling, as well as reading, which allows him to continue learning and staying updated in his field of expertise.

Ileana Correa

MSc in Complex Systems Modelling, King's College London

Civil Engineer, Universidad Católica with a Major in Operations Research and a Minor in Aerospace Systems

Ileana has been working at Brain Food for two years, where she has participated in projects across various industries, including Data Science, advanced analytics, and Business Intelligence. She believes in continuous learning and considers it essential to stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in the digital world in order to provide increasingly better solutions to our clients.

In addition to her dedication to work, Ileana is known for her endless energy and passion for sports and new hobbies.

Senior Data Scientist
Rodrigo Iturrieta

Computer Science Engineer, Universidad Diego Portales.

Rodrigo has been working in the technology field for over 20 years, facing challenges in various IT branches and different companies, primarily in the banking industry.
Today, he is our Senior Data Engineer, contributing his extensive technical knowledge to complex data integration and processing projects, as well as application development.

Rodrigo considers himself an avid geek who enjoys role-playing games, board games, and collectable card games.

Marcela Rodríguez Senior Data Engineer
Gabriel Salazar

Electronic Engineer, PUCP

He has worked for 5 years in various sectors such as mining, healthcare, security, human resources, and primarily banking. He is very interested in exploring new fields of application and technological challenges using data. Currently pursuing a master's degree in computer science.

He enjoys everything related to distributed systems and interior design and architecture. He enjoys watching basketball, series, and cooking.

Nicolás Ulloa Senior Consultant

Industrial Civil Engineer, Universidad de los Andes.

Nico has been working in business consulting for over 4 years, focusing primarily on projects related to strategy, customer experience, inventory optimization, reporting and business intelligence, segmentation and value proposition, process redesign, and business models. Nico is committed to understanding the current challenges faced by organizations and industries and providing value to them by offering creative solutions that make companies more efficient and innovative.

Nico always tries to play basketball at least once a week and enjoys spending his free time with friends and/or planning his next trip.

Cristóbal Mujica Senior BI Analyst

Computer Engineer, Universidad de La Serena

Cristóbal has been working in Business Intelligence for the past 8 years, primarily in the higher education sector. Additionally, at Brain Food, he has applied his skills in industries such as construction and telecommunications, creating value through ETL processes and interactive dashboard visualization.

In his free time, Cristóbal enjoys spending time with his two children, collecting football jerseys, and engaging in recreational fishing in the IV region.

Sofía Pacheco Senior BI Analyst

Industrial Civil Engineer, Universidad Católica.

Sofi has over two years of experience working as a consultant on innovation projects, digital strategy, marketing, digital sales forecasting, data visualization, and project management. Sofi has a hybrid profile, combining her technical and analytical skills with a business-oriented and innovative approach, allowing her to solve complex problems using her creativity.

She is trained as a Product Owner and is currently studying Growth and Digital Marketing at Reforge.

Lately, she has developed a small obsession with plants, she loves going out with friends to try new (obviously veggie) food, and spending time with her family and twin sister.

Miguel Damiron

Electrical Engineer, Universidad APEC.

Miguel has worked as a data analyst in various industries, including IT and Communications. He has experience working with marketing, financial, human resources indicators, and project management systems.

He enjoys participating in sports, listening to music, and reading.

Abril Farah Consultant

Bachelor's degree in Business and Administration, Universidad de Chile

Abril is about to complete 2 years of working on projects related to reporting, data science, and strategy. She has experience in the Materials and Construction industry, Real Estate, as well as non-profit foundations. Her diverse interests have allowed her to contribute from different perspectives in the projects she has been involved in.

In her free time, she enjoys cooking, reading, playing volleyball, telling jokes, and constantly searching for new hobbies to collect.

Maite Asiain

Civil Industrial Engineer, Universidad de Chile.

Maite has worked on projects related to digital transformation, reporting, and data science in industries such as retail, construction materials, and real estate. Her interests span digital marketing, social innovation, and how the use of technology can generate solutions that have a positive impact on society.

She loves getting to know new cultures, travelling (even though it sounds cliché), and learning languages (4 and counting). Her hobbies include cooking, reading, training, and memorizing the lyrics of as many songs as possible.

Jorge Ignacio Del Rio Data Engineer

Civil Industrial Engineer, Universidad de Chile.

Jorge has a great passion for analytics and technology. After graduating, he started working in the field of Data Science and Business Intelligence, where he has over a year of experience in data analysis and generating valuable reports. He has worked in different industries, including real estate, construction, and agriculture, and has demonstrated exceptional skills in data analysis and presentation for decision-making. Jorge has a strong desire to learn and is always seeking new opportunities to enhance his analytical skills and knowledge in the field of technology.

While studying at the university, Jorge discovered his passion for music and has been playing various instruments since then. Additionally, he greatly enjoys sports, especially cycling and playing soccer. He also loves to travel and explore new places, discovering new cultures and trying different types of food.

Data Scientist

Perks for our employees

4 Weeks of

Resting is essential! At Brain Food, you have 4 weeks of vacation and an additional month without pay.


We work based on objectives, you can be eligible for a bonus after completing 12 months with the company.

Remote work and flexible working hours

We have an office designed for us, but if you prefer to work from home or another location, that's fine too.

USD $500 for

Continuous learning is one of the fundamental pillars at Brain Food. That's why you have a budget for the courses you want to take.

6 additional administrative days off

We all have things to do; it's part of life. We want you to have freedom without complications.

Lunches, coffee, and snacks in the office

We will never lack coffee and snacks. Free lunch in the office every other Thursday.

Parental leave

We cover up to 50% of the salary differential during maternity leave that is not covered by the health insurance.

Free afternoon on your birthday

Enjoy your birthday with peace of mind. You have the afternoon off to relax!

Team building activities

We have a team-building activity every two months and an annual off-site to strengthen teamwork.