Digital Factory

Digital Factory

Defining a coherent tech stack, choosing and developing the right apps, digital products and softwares, are key capabilities in the 21st century

The presence in our daily lives of multiple tech devices has moved organizations to think and design a coherent, consistent, and optimal digital solution strategy for their businesses and organizations. However, deciding what, how, and when to build or buy are not easy questions to answer.

Do you actually require an app? Is it enough with a good website? What solution would simplify in the best way the work our teams do daily? Should you choose to build your own software, buy, or a mix of both? What combination of technologies and solutions best align with our strategycapabilitiesresources and preferences

These doubts and questions are growing more common every day, and at Brain Food, with our Partner ApplaudoStudios, we develop custom-made, best in class solutions, that are seamlessly integrated with your tech stack. Our combined teams work with agile methodologies in order to achieve practicalinnovative solutions that impact specific, relevant KPIs for your organization.

Sample Projects:

  1. Mobile Development
  2. Web Development
  3. UX/UI Design
  4. Quality Assurance (QA)

We develop projects in 4 ways:

End-to-End / Turnkey Projects

A main, clear objective, plan, deadline, and deliverables are established for the project. A dedicated team is assigned to the project that interacts and collaborates directly with our clients

Staff Augmentation

We assign specific and expert profiles for longer periods with more open-ended goals, doing work with an hourly rate per profile. Our team members integrate with the client's team (service can be provided remotely) helping to increase the installed capacities and reduce the learning curve


Our team creates custom made software solutions (modules, mobile and web apps, APIs, etc.) that are provided through a development period, implementation, and licenses. If the current solutions comply, then the development step can be skipped

Brain Food Suite

We have a proprietary suite where we implement the developed models with a friendly user interface. On the suite, administrators and users' roles can execute, modify parameters and control (interactive dashboards) the results of the models.