Technological advancements have enabled the automation of multiple tasks and processes that are normally performed by humans in a more inefficient manner

Every organization has manual, predictable, and high-frequency tasks that have the potential to be automated thanks to the new technological tools at our disposal. Humans have extraordinary skills for a wide array of activities; however, we are prone to make mistakes due to tiredness, digitation errors, or simply lack of attention. Developing automated tools that enable your company to do all these activities quicker, minimizing errors and freeing up time so your teams can make better decisions and dedicate their time to higher added-value tasks, acting with speed and precision. Making strides in automating processes is fundamental to remain competitive in an ever more complex and dynamic economy.

Our teams develop automated solutions that generate efficiencies in processes and make information readily available that ease the daily activities of the companies and organizations that we work with. 

Sample Projects:

  1. Dashboards & Reporting (BI)
  2. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  3. Process Automation with AI
  4. Automated Alerts
  5. Shift, Labor and Routes Optimizers
  6. Complaints, Questions, and Comments Classification

We develop projects in 4 ways:

End-to-End / Turnkey Projects

A main, clear objective, plan, deadline, and deliverables are established for the project. A dedicated team is assigned to the project that interacts and collaborates directly with our clients

Staff Augmentation

We assign specific and expert profiles for longer periods with more open-ended goals, doing work with an hourly rate per profile. Our team members integrate with the client's team (service can be provided remotely) helping to increase the installed capacities and reduce the learning curve


Our team creates custom made software solutions (modules, mobile and web apps, APIs, etc.) that are provided through a development period, implementation, and licenses. If the current solutions comply, then the development step can be skipped

Brain Food Suite

We have a proprietary suite where we implement the developed models with a friendly user interface. On the suite, administrators and users' roles can execute, modify parameters and control (interactive dashboards) the results of the models.