Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

The complement between data & advanced analytics and business strategy & experience have the power to positively transform how organizations operate in a data-driven world

The volume of data generated by companies, organizations, citizens, clients, and machines has grown exponentially and will continue to grow at high rates. Ensuring the qualityavailability, and reliability of the data is the first fundamental step in the application of advanced analytics solutions. Differentiating what is noise and what is useful is another key task. Defining adequately the use cases and the reasoning behind the decision of building a particular model will enable coherentrealistic, and aligned work, that will generate benefits for the organization as a wholeUnderstanding the business/organizational impact with a balanced view of technical feasibility enables the projects to advance in a solid manner.

It is not about innovating for the sake of innovating, nor about applying Machine Learning because it is trendy. Our approach is to develop practical solutions, with best in class technology and techniques that solve concretemeasurablereal challenges. We help our clients to make more and better decisions at a faster, more reliable pace using multiple data sources.

Our team works with a collaborative approach, with rigor and attention to detail, providing, as a first step, a clear and quick diagnosis of what is actually feasible, and proposing alternative paths (“pivot”) in case the original challenge isn’t doable with the current state of the data. We bring business & strategy expertise with technical experts in order to give a balancedrealistic view of the future and the challenges at hand. We train our clients in the solutions we build and transfer knowledge openly.

Sample projects:

  1. Sales Predictive Models
  2. Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Sentiment Analysis
  3. Recommendation Models
  4. Propensity Models
  5. Computer Vision
  6. Dynamic Segmentation Models
  7. Optimal Shifts and Routes Models de rutas y dotación
  8. Pricing Models
  9. Churn Prediction Models

We develop projects in 4 ways:

End-to-End / Turnkey Projects

A main, clear objective, plan, deadline, and deliverables are established for the project. A dedicated team is assigned to the project that interacts and collaborates directly with our clients

Staff Augmentation

We assign specific and expert profiles for longer periods with more open-ended goals, doing work with an hourly rate per profile. Our team members integrate with the client's team (service can be provided remotely) helping to increase the installed capacities and reduce the learning curve


Our team creates custom made software solutions (modules, mobile and web apps, APIs, etc.) that are provided through a development period, implementation, and licenses. If the current solutions comply, then the development step can be skipped

Brain Food Suite

We have a proprietary suite where we implement the developed models with a friendly user interface. On the suite, administrators and users' roles can execute, modify parameters and control (interactive dashboards) the results of the models.