Mi experiencia como practicante en Brain Food

  • Digital Strategy
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In March I started my third internship at Brain Food. My interests have always been related to sustainable development, environment and social and technological innovation. That is why one of my priorities for my last internship was to look for a company where I could deepen these interests before starting my career. Among the opportunities that were available, the one that motivated me the most was to join Brain Food, since it had a series of characteristics that caught my attention: consulting firm focused on technology and with an innovative mindset, fast-growing startup, challenging projects, culture and work environment of the XXI century. I want to share with you what my experience has been like during these months working at Brain Food.

First and foremost, what has impressed me the most is the excellent atmosphere at the consulting firm. Both my co-workers, as well as the organizational culture and different ways of doing things, from how we communicate, the horizontality, closeness and tact has been an extremely positive experience. I think I have learned a lot from them, despite the short time since I have been part of the team. Generally, one has the feeling that, because you are an intern, you will have to resign yourself to jobs that do not have much to do with your field and that are not necessarily less important, but less attractive. However, in spite of not having a perfect command of the terminologies and ways of operating, the different people at Brain Food have placed a lot of trust in me, thus empowering me with different skills and abilities, which has required me to be up to the task, constantly learning. I am trying to absorb different habits and lessons that I have been “seeing” (via the new online system) around me.

With all this, I have managed to learn a lot about the interesting topics they handle at Brain Food. In particular, about Digital Transformation and Automation, both indispensable concepts to better insert ourselves in the environment of the future and obtain key tools to solve contingent problems.

At the same time, I have realized that working in a consulting firm is a unique opportunity to have interdisciplinary and dynamic experiences. Working with different professionals, industries and sectors in a short period of time, I have seen the importance of flexibility and diversity of perspectives in the different decision making processes.

At Brain Food I found a company culture that has exceeded my expectations and that responds to current needs: an agile, innovative and entrepreneurial culture. Here, I have been surrounded by intelligent minds and personalities, but at the same time open, empathetic and cheerful, where the different activities and tasks are carried out in an efficient and effective way.

It is very challenging to be in an environment like Brain Food, as it involves being in a constant state of alert, questioning and learning new things with different partners and projects. But, undoubtedly, it is a place where I have been able to enhance my skills, strengthen teams and put them at the service of different common goals.