Digital Strategy

Digital Roadmap for Consumer Products Company

The challenge

Leading food production company needed to orient its digital strategy with a greater focus on the customer, especially the more than 60,000 customers in traditional and food service channels.

There were several concerns regarding the standardization of technological tools between channels, the real understanding of the pains of these customers and their motivations of choice and the incorporation of greater intelligence and automation for a more agile and assertive decision making.

The main goal was to build a digital roadmap focused on the commercial and sales area, through the understanding of the customer journey and the identification of opportunities for improvement in the management and value proposition of customers through technology and data.

Digital transformation was adopted in language but not in practice.

The strategy

We began by conducting a survey with the Traditional Channel and Food Service, with the objective of mapping their customer journey. At the same time, technological tools and opportunities for incorporating intelligence and automation were also identified. A roadmap was prioritized, which contemplated the renewal of the e-commerce channel, the consolidation of the inter-channel sales tool, the generation of dynamic segmentations and the incorporation of models focused on cross and upsell.


channels: Traditional and Food Service


interviews with customers from different channels


prioritized initiatives

The achievements

After one semester of roadmap execution, several initiatives have been implemented that have impacted the company in a transversal manner and on different fronts, the most relevant of which are as follows:

New customer service model that modifies customer service based on customer behavior and potential

Generation of a tool to capture new clients from models with external information.

Complete redesign of B2B e-commerce and launching of B2C e-commerce

Automation of various logistical and reporting/data processes

Creation of a working group with the IT area for the creation of new customer databases to improve decision making.

Permanent implementation of a digital committee to monitor and control digital initiatives