Digital Strategy

Digital roadmap and strategic planning and implementation in a building materials company.

The challenge

Leading construction materials company with presence in multiple markets in the South American continent, as a productive company, has been focusing on operations, gradually leaving aside the opportunity to radically transform its business.
The goal was to generate a roadmap for digital transformation, identifying opportunities to generate value through the use of data, automation and digitization of processes that transform the way the business operates. This was done by understanding the current situation of the company, identifying industry trends and translating them into a digital roadmap.

The ability to rethink the entire business with a data-driven approach has meant a more efficient operation and the ability to keep up with the latest trends in technology.

The strategy

Through interviews, workshops and data analysis, we were able to co-create a vision of the future that was deepened with specialized work tables where the objectives were translated into concrete initiatives, which were prioritized to achieve planning. Subsequently, we also supported the design of the strategic planning of the entire company, which is in full execution with the support of a PMO led by Brain Food; where we have also supported in demand forecasting, reporting and Cloud architecture.

Digital roadmap

with more than 20 initiatives on 5 fronts

Strategic planning

with definition of long term objectives and structural adjustments

Acompañamiento PMO

with methodological support and support in change management

Reporting 2.0

with migration and modernization of reports, optimizing data consumption

Cloud architecture

which included design and implementation of new ETL flows for more optimal operation

Demand prediction

as a starting point for the creation of an S&OP area in the company.

The achievements

After one quarter of executing the roadmap and strategic planning, relevant milestones have already been achieved and concrete results have been obtained in a cross-cutting manner:

Validation of POC results for demand prediction modeling and move to Cloud production.

Currently in the implementation phase of datamarts and connectors to SAP to automate prioritized data flows.

Majority of initiatives covered by PMO currently underway and within proposed timeframe

Migration of QlikView reports to PowerBl with training of company personnel.