Data Engineering

Data Governance diagnosis and data architecture development for a multinational consumer goods company.

The challenge

  • Multinational FMCG company had access to multiple sources of marketing data from different vendors for its various brands. These sources were underutilized by the teams due to a lack of data consolidation processes.
  • Local and global teams identified the need to implement a data governance strategy and the implementation of processes and roles for an orderly management of their data.
  • They had a low maturity and expertise available locally in the areas of data engineering and data governance.
  • The company saw the need to build a roadmap for the development of an integrated and consensual reporting among subsidiaries in different countries.

The ability to rethink our entire data strategy allowed us to streamline our analytics flows, enabling us to deliver more and better information to our business units.

The strategy

The project was developed mainly on 4 main fronts, from the strategic definitions to manage the data to the implementation of the new architectures, incorporating new reporting and dashboards.

Data architecture diagnosis

Survey of internal and external data sources, data quality analysis and identification of transformations and dictionaries necessary for consolidation.

Data governance roadmap

Definition of data governance pillars based on industry and client frameworks to be followed to improve data management, quality and handling and evaluation of each of these pillars.

Data consolidation flows

Development of flows to clean, cross-reference and consolidate the different data sources with each other to feed the reporting tool.

Automated reporting

Development of reports responding to user needs based on sanitized and consolidated data

The achievements

A consolidation of multiple data sources and structured data governance was achieved:

A change management and data governance plan aligned with global policies and schedules and based on the DAMA was presented.

Integrated and consolidated 3 critical data sources through the Alteryx tool in the client’s systems

20+ views were developed in Tableau for the marketing teams’ market management. The automation of these views allows to reduce the collection of information by the teams.