Data Science & IA

Automated Dynamic Care Model

The challenge

A leading mass consumption company, with more than 40 thousand customers in its traditional channel, had a manual and inflexible visit and call plan. The idea was to automate a process that took five days a month and incorporate intelligence from models and business rules that sought to better allocate the efforts of its face-to-face and remote sales force.

The main objective was to generate a dynamic and automatic service model for the generation of monthly contact plans for the traditional channel, allowing to increase sales in customers with greater potential, eliminate inefficient contacts and deliver better information regarding relevant management KPIs to the sales area.

Automation not only saves time, but also reduces human error and data manipulation, as well as incorporating intelligence into the process.

The strategy

Within the project, we worked on a robust solution at the infrastructure level, automation, plan generation and incorporation of intelligence. Specifically, a model was developed in the cloud that proposes the contact plan for each client on a monthly basis, automatically and intelligently defining the day of the week to contact according to the client’s behavior, adding/removing contacts according to jointly defined business rules, in addition:

New contact mix

including visits, calls and transfer to e-commerce for each customer

Sales force execution capability

to maximize productivity and take advantage of slack

Solution based on cloud architecture

streamlines development and iteration process

The chievements

With the implementation of the plan, benefits were achieved both in terms of sales and increased productivity of the teams, achieving:

Reduce the time to generate the monthly visit plan from 5 days to 1 hour

Achieve sales growth of 6.3 percentage points higher than the rest of the portfolio in the target segment

Increase by 6.5% the number of activities planned per salesperson, increasing the use of the available hours of each salesperson.