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We are a team of multidisciplinary professionals who aspire to develop innovative solutions with a positive impact on the problems and challenges that organizations face.

Brain Food is created to unite two worlds that may not communicate naturally: The Strategy & Organizational world with the Technical and Technological world. We generate a conscious balance, by assigning ad-hoc profiles to each project we do, to provide a holistic vision, and to ensure a successful implementation and adoption.

We firmly believe our developed solutions are readily accessible to everyone. 5 years of experience with more than 65 projects in 17 different industries have demonstrated to us that the problems and technological challenges that organizations face share common traits, independent of size, industry, or function. The key to tackle these challenges is to establish a precise diagnosis of the current state of the organization, a consensual vision for the future, and define clear objectives to achieve the vision. With this input, we can establish a logical plan, and develop it in an agile, collaborative manner.

Organizations are in a constant flux of changes. Helping teams to successfully navigate and manage these transitions, adopt new tools and methodologies, and accomplish their objectives es what defines part of our work.

Data Scientist
Data Engineer
Business Consultant

We have a multidisciplinar team that enables our company to provide a holistic approach to our projects. Here you can learn more about our leadership team.

David Albagli
Founder & Partner

Business Administration, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile - MBA, Harvard Business School

David first worked in marketing at 3M and later in management consulting at MatrixConsulting in various industries (Mining, Retail, Utilities, among others). While at Harvard, he did a three-month internship at Google in Silicon Valley. David is passionate about strategy, innovation and technology.

His great hobbies are sport, film, reading, concerts and travel.

Andrés Oksenberg

Business Administration, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile - MBA, Kellogg School of Management

Andrés started in Ripley's Corporate Finance team and then worked for nine years in management consulting at Matrix Consulting. His worked focused mainly on strategic planning projects in various industries (Retail, Real Estate, Transportation, Mass Consumption, among others). During his MBA at Kellogg, he worked in business intelligence at Bucketfeet, a high-growth e-commerce in the USA.

His great hobbies are football, travel, and spending time with his family and children

Pablo Araya
Head of Data Science

Bachelor Degree in Astronomy Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile - Doctor of Astrophysics (PHD) University of Groningen, Netherlands

Pablo has been involved in the data world for most of his professional development. At first, while pursuing the academic career path, he was doing and analyzing computer simulations. Afterwards Pablo worked at Mentis a Data Science Consultancy firm in Belgium. Pablo believes that understanding the data and seeing how it relates to each other is the key in solving a lot of the current data and technology challenges organizations face.

Arturo Olivares
Project Manager

Civil Industrial Engineer major in Finance, Universidad de Los Andes

Arturo always followed technology closely, acquiring an expertise that he applies daily as a leader of the Digital Transformation projects of large Chilean and Regional companies. He's a football fan, but bad at playing it, so he's got plenty of time to think about the big challenges that organizations face. After 2 years of experience in management consulting in MatrixConsulting doing projects in Chile and Brazil he joins Brain Food.

Carlos Padilla
Project Manager

Civil Industrial Engineer Universidad Diego Portales - Statistics Diploma, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Carlos is passionate about solving business challenges, with a core motivation tied to the methodological aspects for the transfer of knowledge within organizations.
He has participated in analytical projects of various kinds and in various industries, such as segmentation and profiling of clients, application of automated alerts, business rules & KPI's, development of predictive models for the detection of fraud, collection, churn, among others.

Among his hobbies are card games such as poker and blackjack, playing pool, meditating, reading and going for a walk.

Constanza Valdenegro

Alexandre Biebuyck
Business Development & HR Manager

Civil Industrial Engineer, Universidad of Chile - Master in Project Management, University of Sydney

Constanza starts every day with crossfit training, leaving her full of energy to face new challenges as Business Development & HR Manager. Constanza loves big challenges, and for this reason she took on this role at a rapidly growing company, where her main challenge is to always keep Brain Food's distinctive culture, internal processes and knowledge management evolving and improving.

Joaquín Ruiz
Project Leader

Civil Industrial Engineer with a major in Mathematics, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Joaquin is convinced that the business world is changing, and believes that a creative and rigorous analysis is the answer. As Data Scientist and Project Leader at Brain Food he leads the creation of solutions that impact the generation of value of our customers, using mathematics and programming as central elements.

Joaquin enjoys his free time with friends, in nature and windsurfing.

Matías Hucke
Project Leader

Bernardo Monsalves
Project Leader

Bachelor in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Universidad Central

Full Stack developer, with a passion for Technology and the new challenges tied to it. Bernardo has developed his full career working in Tech for startups, as a developer, and leading development teams.

Daniel Labarca
Project Leader

Civil Industrial Engineer with major in Operations Management, Universidad de Los Andes

Matías, after completing his professional internship at LATAM Airlines, joined Brain Food as a Consultant, where he ascended to the role of Project Manager. He deeply enjoys learning from new challenges and working on the most complex projects that combine technical and business challenges.

Matías is a fan of football and especially of "La U" and Real Madrid.

We've developed more than 65 projects in a wide array of industries
Shopping Malls
Fast Food
Law Firms
Department Stores
Logistics & Supply Chain
Car Dealership
Government & Public Sector
Private Equity
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